September 12-15, 2019 in Larissa, Greece


Dear friends!

The next Congress of the International Association for the History of Nephrology, the “XI IAHN Congress”, will be held on September 12-15, 2019 in Larissa, Greece. In the following I provide the lists of the international and national organizing and the scientific committees as well as the leading subjects. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is the 14th April 2019. In the hope to provide a great scientific event, I am looking forward to welcome you all in Larissa in September.

Sincerely yours
I. Stefanidis


National Organising Committee

  • Ioannis Stefanidis – Congress President
  • Dimitra Bacharaki
  • Georgios Eustratiadis
  • Eirini Grapsa
  • Maria Kaliatzidou
  • Grigorios Miserlis
  • Eirini Vassiliou
  • Panos Zirogiannis
  • Dimitrios Vlachakos
  • Stefanos Geroulanos
  • Effie Poulakou-Rebelakou
  • Markos Sgantzos
  • Constantinos Trompoukis

International Organising Comittee

  • Janusz Ostrowski
  • Natale De Santo
  • Vincenzo Savica
  • Katka Derzsiova
  • Marek Muszytowski
  • Lorenzo Calò
  • Ahmet Aciduman
  • Przemyslaw Rutkowski
  • Biagio Ricciardi

International Scientific and Publishing Committee

  • Athanasios Diamandopoulos (Greece) – Chairman
  • Ioannis Stefanidis (Greece) – Secretary
  • Ayse Balat (Turkey)
  • Guido Bellinghieri (Italy)
  • Garabed Eknoyan (USA)
  • August Heidland (Germany)
  • Shaul Massry (USA)
  • Janusz Ostrowski (Poland)
  • Boleslaw Rutkowski (Poland)
  • Natale G. De Santo (Italy)
  • Vincenzo Savica (Italy)
  • Miroslaw Smogorzewski (USA)

Scientific Program

Leading Subjects

  • Treatment of renal disease from ancient myths to modern technology
  • Major and minor medical literature on renal disease in the Middle Ages
  • Comparison of scientific and popular medicine until the 19th century
  • Giants in Medicine and their contributions to Nephrology
  • Renal disease in the Sub-Saharian Africa. Transition from traditional to modern Nephrology.
  • History of Nephrology from Asia
  • Development of nephrology after Richard Bright, modern nephrology?
  • Miscellaneous


Larissa is a city located in the central area of Greece mainland. It is the capital of the Thessaly region. It is surrounded by historical places: on the north by the mount Olympus, living place of Gods, on the east by the mount Pelion, the homeland of the Centaurs, and the port of Volos, the launching pad of Jason and the Argonauts, and finally on the west by the Meteora cliffs with the historical Cloisters build on their top. Hippocrates the father of modern western Medicine spent many years of his life in Larissa and died there in older age. Asclepios, the God of Medicine, was born here.