Evamaria Kinne-Saffran Lecture

The International Association for the History of Nephrology (IAHN) awards the Evamaria Kinne-Saffran Lecture in History of Medicine on the occasion of every conference. 

Evamaria Kinne-Saffran (1941-2002) was a vivid supporter of the value of interdisciplinary bridges and a convincing advocate of the importance of the past in understanding the present and predicting the future.

The lecture is aimed to support scientists, nephrologists interested in History and historians interested in Nephrology alike, who have recently made a major contribution to the field of Nephrology. The Lectureship covers the expenses (up to US $2,000) to attend the IAHN Congress and present a lecture at the Inaugural Ceremony.

We welcome nominations for this award all year round. The Scientific Committee will evaluate all nominations and then select the winner. Please send letter of nomination, CV of the candidate and all relevant information to the following email address: nominations@iahn.info.

Past Competition Winners

2008: Dr. Luigi Vernaglione, a young and promising nephrologist practising at the M. Giannuzzi Hospital of Manduria, Taranto (Italy). He recently coauthored the book Mediterranean Cooking: Old Flavors Looking for Health. Gastronomical Pathways Applied to the Nephrology, Novapublishers, New York, 2007. His lecture was entitled: "Mediterranean Diet: a Matter of History, Tradition, Culture, and Health".


2010: Dr. Pavlos C. Goudas, a Consultant Nephrologist at the Renal Unit of St. Andrews General State Hospital in Patras, Greece, who has been researching the History of Nephrology for several years, and has presented papers on this topic in national and international conferences. He has published historical articles, in collaboration with his mentor, Dr. Athanasios Diamandopoulos. He delivered a lecture entitled: "On some exotic urine colours in Ancient and Byzantine Greek literature".


2013: Dr. Jennifer Gordetsky, who, after receiving a doctorate of medicine from the Medical College of Wisconsin, attended a residency at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY., before accepting a fellowship in Genitourinary Surgical Pathology at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, MD, where she is currently based. She presented a lecture entitled "Wine and Honey, the oldest of the medicines".

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